The 'Chat-i-eau' and the 'Cats-tle'
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The 'Chat-i-eau', which houses the 'Cat-stle' and seven tenants, including a three-legged mother and her son, and a suspected brother and sister combination.

Tripod and Tabby came when a friend could no longer care for himself, let alone the cats. We got Lucy (an inside only kitty, who recently crossed the 'Bridge') from him 10 years ago when he was busted for two cats and only allowed to have one.

Tips and Tops came from a parking lot. DItto for Cocoa, who had a sister, Mocha, who passed from FIV complications. But they were unrelated lots. We quarantined her inside for some 8-9 months before she relented. And Tortie came from a lot.

Cinnamon just SHOWED UP as a kitten, and the clowder in the yard accepted her as one of their own. Being young and naive, I was able to at least 'socialize' her enough to capture her, have her checked out, and added to the crew. She is the escape artist! But I think I finally have that issue resolved. The last couple times she got out, she actually came and ASKED to be let back in!

The cat-stle features a ball pit.

The enclosure is 16'x16', with a 'catwalk' where the aluminum ceiling ends, about half way in, that goes around the inner half. The 'floor' in 'plastic grass' from a Big Box 'Home Improvement' store.

Thanx to Brett and Melissa for building and installing it!