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I started feeding one skinny little black stray with a clipped left ear. For those who don’t know, a tipped left ear means the cat is ‘feral’, but part of a ‘managed community’. It has been rounded up from it’s territory, sterilized, and returned to it’s original grounds. There is more information about ‘TNR’ on the internet.

This is about our cats.

I started feeding one skinny little black stray with a clipped left ear. The next thing I knew, I trapped five to have sterilized, and the skinny little black one was not any I had trapped.

I waited for number six. It would rub itself against the trap and trip it. So I knew I would have to make friends with it and put it in the cage. Then we found out it was a momcat with four babycats.

We waited for her four babies to wean, and be able to be without her for a day or two.

They are all comfy now. They have sleeping quarters on the patio, in the laundry room  (which they access through a hole in the wall,), and the storage shed (until I put the door back on it’s rails).

A couple of the ones that were fixed and released have been back. And they are very polite around Cloud (momcat) and the ‘mists’ (Nimbus, Cumulus, Cirrus, and Stratus) letting them all eat and walk away before approaching.

We’re guessing their birthday was right around Halloween.

The baby’s will be TNRed soon.

That was then... (2009 or so)

This is now.

The Baby Cats reprise…

It has been several years and a house fire since I original posted this.

Momcat, Cloud, left shortly after the babies were weaned. And Stratus

The other fluff, Cirrus was killed by an ex-neighbor’s dogs, when the house was being rebuilt in 2013. The got in through the construction security fence, and raised Hell. And it was NOT the first time his two rather large dogs had been out cruisin’ for bruisin’, and that he’d been warned before. He said on a Christmas day, he’d had to go to the pound to retrieve them, for about $400.

Once returned to the house, Cumulus and Nimbus were glad to have us back full time.

Cumulus disappeared for a couple days, and was found near death in a neighbor’s shed. They have NO recall of when or who was in there last! Thanx to emergency work by our regular vet, Dr. Ruiz at Central Phoenix Animal Hospital and the staff at Alta Vista Animal Hospital, he was revived, and now lives a comfortable life inside. His pic is at:


and the ‘close up’ is at:


He has been through some ordeals lately, and is currently on what may be a ‘rest of his life’ dose of prednisone for a gum condition. We are hoping to NOT need to remove all his teeth!

Nimbus is still living the free roaming life. She is rather matted currently (Spring, 2019) but will undoubtedly work things out. She always has.