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The Alcove

(Complete with 'cement pond')

The pond is cracked, and has no pump or filter, and sometimes needs to be emptied manually if there is much rain. I don't see too many in it though I image the concrete to be cool, even if dry, as it is so well shaded.

I've a way to hang my garden hose in a tree on the left side, and turn the nozzle to a wide spray, and make it 'rain. Where I don't have that luxury, I coil the hose end a couple times in a round oil drain pan, and tuck it back underneat so it doesn't work its way out. The water eddys a bit and sloshes out from many sides, in many directions, and will soak the area rather evenly. Provided the pan is flat. I've an old front grille from a pedestal fan that I cover it with to help spread the water.

Hidden by the table is an open cage about 18x20x24, with a mat on the floor, and a red brick roof.that gets a fair amount of use. As seen here:


They also have (and take ) plenty of refuge in the shed, laundry room, and a make-do lean-to from a palette and blanket - also with a one gallon ice cube under it, in the front of the 'other alcove', frequently with a cat in it.

And I AM out right here on the patio in the heat with them! On should I say they are here in the patio with me! Anyway, all I get is shade and a fan gust... ('Two bits!' - Teehee).


'Basho 'tween The Bricks'

The Nook

The Crop

(This spot is an evening favorite!)


The Chat-i-eau Crew and their Ice Blocks

(Cinnamon and Cocoa share just about EVERYTHING!)

The Chat-i-eau is a 16'x16' enclosure. Half of it is about ten feet tall, and covered by an aluminum roof extension from the patio under which I sit. The north half drops to about six fee high and is covered with shade cloth. That half, unfortunately gets wet in the rain.

There are seven residents, all of whom have pretty much been in there since being kittens, and are, I would estimate, at least three.

The ground is covered with fake/plastic grass matting from Home Depot .

They have four litterboxes, three 'carry kennels', an 'overstuffed' chair, a couple bales of straw, and a carport-sale $1200 Tiny Tykes play set, that I picked up for $240, in which I they have a 'ball pit'. I never see anyone in the pit, but I am forever collecting balls and returning them!

I refer to it as a 'Chat-i-eau' as i am sure it is a 'castle' compared to the parking lots and alleys they came from. The Tiny Tyke unit, I refer to as 'The Cat-stle'. There are also a few pics of part of the Cas-stle on:


They also have four oblong galvanized tubs like the one shown in these pics, with pads for liners.