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I am having a very heavy heart today. I fear I have lost a great friend.

Our Cougrrr has lost a LOT of weight. And had suddenly taken great interest on going inside, which I have been allowing, as long as Cumulus was secured in a room.

We took him to the vet where he was diagnosed as FIV positive. Other than skinny, not really in bad shape otherwise. All his ‘levels’ were OK, and he didn’t seem to need any antibiotics, just a little something to spur his appetite. Whenever he came around, I treated him to a little canned food. And since he seemed to have an interest in the ‘indoor’ dry formula, I put some of that out where he could get to it.

We didn't adopt him. He literally adopted us. Cougrrr came to us from out of the blue, with a tipped ear. And he has opted to stay his whole life as a 'free roaming' outside cat.

His arrival coincided with a momcat with four kittens. Two of that family have survived, and are still around. But none made friends like he did. He came with a tipped ear.

It took a little while, but eventually he warmed up, and over the years became a real snuggle buddy and comforter. A real ‘look you straight in the eye’ sort, who loved his head-boops. He would often lie on my lap, and turn his head up and back to look at me in the most loving way, and I would boop him and rub our foreheads together, and he would purr.


He disappeared for about a day and a half, and I was quite worried.

Although he has 'returned', I dare say he is not 'back'. He is even thinner. He gobbled up his medicine in a 'pill pocket', and I've given him a variety of canned flavors, which he has eaten, as well as some of the indoor formula dry, which he seemed interested in when he came inside. I don't know that it would TASTE any different from the outdoor formula, so much as perhaps have some different nutrients.

I've somewhat sought him out twice, and brought him to my 'station' outside and put him on my lap. He did not stay very long. He may not have cared for the 'noise' (music), perhaps I was toe tapping a bit too enthusiastically, or, perhaps, my petting, or even laying my hand to rest on him was too much.

He DID give me his 'look of love', craning his neck and turning his head up and back, and looking into my eyes, and I returned a head rub, and a chin rub.
I am grateful.

However I am not very hopeful he will be here much longer.

And we have had personal experience with one that was FIV positive.
There comes a time when the body just gives out.

I am sure I'll be keeping you posted.

I don’t know which is harder. When they go away to die, or to have to be ‘put down’.


We are keeping him inside now. He hangs out on the kitchen or conservatory floor, and in a ‘condo’ in the conservatory. I actually thought last night would be his last. I tried four different flavors of cans to no avail. All I could get him to eat was pill pockets. And even then he turned away from them at one point. He seems very weak, but also seems to appreciate my gentle head rubs.

Patty got him to eat some 'people' tuna last night, but this morning was not interested in that. She went to the store and got some sardines, and he ate some of that, but, again, wasn't interested later on. I am letting the tuna and sardines get to room temp before trying again.

Last night, when I was outside on the patio, Jaguarrrr came up and instead of parking where he usually does, at my right shoulder, made himself comfy on my lap, laying his head on my arm.

I believe he knows what's up with Cougrrr, and came to console me. He has often been at my right shoulder while Cougrrr was on my lap, and they would head butt, and Jag would lick the 'third eye' spot on Coug's head. So though Coug has been inside a couple days now, I believe he has relayed his situation, concerns, and wishes to Jag.

Safe journeys, my dear, dear, little friend!

I went in to visit him with some coffee, and sat down. He came out from under the table on his own, and sat close on my left. I pet his head a couple times, and let him be, tapping my lap. He crossed my lap and came REAL close on my right side for some more head rubs and chin rubs. Then went back under.

It reminds me of the last time we saw my mother in the hospital. Mostly wanting to be left alone, but glad we were there when she came too.

He had an ear infection some time ago that collapsed his ear. We've one inside that had the same issue. He had some urinary issues in 2012, and we brought him inside for a while.

That was while our house was being rebuilt from a fire. When we moved back in, and he saw he was in his old stomping grounds, there was no keeping him inside! This was his turf! Though a 'free roamer', I doubt he traveled very far, and has always had access to our shed and laundry room for protection from elements, and always had fresh water and food, wet and dry.

And he has been on 'Authority' dry, the PetsMart house brand for forever. A bit more 'meaty' than any of the other 'commercial' products.

He came of free will, and stayed by choice for 8 years.