CopyCat in her Cubicle
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Copy Cat’s Tail

CopyCat came with her sister, Carbon, from a friend's auto repair lot. He had about eight free-roamers, and we'd just lost one. So I said round up two and I'll take them home.

He said these two walked into the cage and made themselves at home on their own without persuasion. That must have been 2009 or so.

She HAS been more social, but since the fire and repopulating of the house with so many, she keeps to herself in this tower. usually on the top tier, but yesterday she was down one level.

She stayed calm and quiet not only while I was shooting, but while I was vacuuming as well! I took a few hand held frames, and went and got the tripod. I took a break from cleaning when I saw her up there.

'Here's looking at you, kid...'









Hope you liked what you saw!
(PS - A diffeent set of eyes for the first pic)