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Introducing Nimbus!

Phase 1.

Captured Cloud

Nimbus has been one of our outdoor family since before the fire in 2012. He was one of four with their mom who just showed up. One left shortly after mom did. One met an awful end at the jaws of an ex-neighbor’s loose dogs

Cumulus you’ve seen on FB. Quite the star he is. This is likely a ‘full’ sibling - BOTH parents the same, and definitely a litter mate.

He is a long hair and has done well outside so far. This year he became a HUGE matte! We waited until after the ‘cold’ weather, and now must take action.

He comes and goes at will. So once after making an appointment for a required exam ($65) and rabies vaccine ($20) before grooming, I captured him at first opportunity.

Sunday at 6 he goes for those work-ups.

PENDING they are OK, we need to schedule his grooming - a week out. And once again HOPE he gets to where we can get him a couple day prior, so we KNOW we will have him.

Though likely not very happy, he has been lying in his litter, something they do for security, and now has a clean bed in a carrier, laced with ‘nip, upon which he seems in bliss, fresh water in a hopefully un-tipable bowl, fresh dry food and wet food, in a Pyrex© baking dish. See it you can destroy THAT!