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Shadowcat started as an idea several years ago when a blind cat stumbled into our yard one night. She had a little vision, we believe at the bottom of her ‘field of view’. We think she saw some shadows. She was not only blind, but needed a special diet as she had renal problems. She had been spayed and declawed, and was wandering the alley late at night. She needed her home. An extensive search for her owner led to no results.

The idea was to create a template that could be incorporated into a neighborhood association web site, listing the pets in the area by location (i.e. between Avenue X and Avenue Y on Z Street), with photos. Such that if one saw a dog roaming free, a quick look on the neighborhood website could lead to where the animal belonged, and contact made to notify the owner that their pet is loose. Without needing to catch or contain the animal or trying to read tag on a collar.

An example is at:


Scroll down and click on ‘Clarendon Ave’.

Chelsea is gone now. She lasted almost two years before her kidneys finally gave out. But she is fondly remembered. She provided a learning experience few are privileged to witness, and was a prime example of determination as she stood her ground and made her way with the other two cats we already had, ChinChin
and Charcoal.

An especially 'touching' moment was the time I could see the flash of recognition inside ChinChin's brain the day he touched noses with her and understood that she couldn't see him right in front of her.

That was then. This is now.

In 2012, a bad switch in my car set it, and consequently the house, on fire. We were out for 7 months.

As I watched the flames, I was flooded with a new meaning of ‘homeless’. We had four inside cats, three brought in off the street and one rescued from being turned into a shelter.

We were also feeding a family of four and one
other one outside.

Someone put US up, with two of our cats for a week until the insurance company found us a hotel. Someone ELSE fostered two of our cats for a month until temporary housing was found. I came by the abandoned house twice a day to feed the outside collection.

Once we returned, I thought it would be ‘good karma’ to offer to foster. We were set up with a pair of brothers from a family being evicted because 'the landlord was an a****e!' 'Their kids LOVE the cats and will want them back as soon as they can get resettled. They DON'T want them to go to a shelter or 'the pound'!'

That was in 2013. We have NEVER HEARD from ANYONE involved in that transaction. And the ‘adorable, we want them back’ cats have shredded EVERY door jamb in the house!!!!!

I also got involved with helping feed a couple feral colonies. That got me started with some TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) work. That led to getting SOME adopted, and some not getting adopted, and ultimately being taken in.

One of the colonies I was helping to feed was about a dozen cats. Management of the property was turned over from father to to daughter, who found the feeding dishes (behind the property) to be an eyesore, and did not want any liability of us on the property ‘after hours’. The other feeder took half, and I got half. That is what STARTED in the ‘chat-i-eau’. They all escaped and the three remaining ones roam the grounds.

Currently we have fourteen regular indoor ones, seven (regular, except for one escape artist) in a 16’x16’ pen, the 'Chat-i-eau', and another nine loose.

We are not an ‘organization’ of any sort. This is Patty and I on our own, ripping through our retirement accounts.

If you would like to help us out, please feel free to contact us. I don’t want an ongoing ‘GoFundMe’.

Thank you for taking the time to read about us.

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